Smartphone Recycling

So you've bought a new phone from Clove, or maybe you're just thinking about it. The chances are you still have a working phone. You might even have more than one - plenty of us have a drawer with old knick-knacks that we keep 'just in case'...

So what should you do with your old phone(s)?

Well, Clove Technology can take them off your hands, and give you some cash for them.

Clove Technology Smartphone Recycling

How much will you offer for my phone?

That depends on its age and condition. Newer phones will be worth more than old ones and, of course, working or unlocked devices will be worth more than broken, damaged or locked handsets.

You've probably heard of major phone recycling services already available in the UK. Some of the big names - Mazuma, Envirofone, SellMyMobile - all advertise on TV and radio.

If you've bought a new phone from Clove Technology, we'll pledge to beat Mazuma's (the current market leaders) current offer for your handset.

Which phones will you take?

We'll consider any smartphone or tablet device. This includes damaged, faulty or network locked products.

Even if you can't find it listed on a competitor's website, we'll still be willing to make you an offer.

How do I get my phone(s) back to you?

First of all, let us know that you have something to send back. You can call us on 01202 552936 or email us at

We can then provide you with a recycling pack. If you've placed an order for a new phone with us, then you may receive a recycling pack with your order.

Please ensure you use this form when sending a phone back to us (this will be included in a recycling pack).